I’m Still Pissed

It’s been six days since insurrectionists stormed the Capitol in an attempt to over throw the free will of the American people and I’m still pissed. Every time I feel my anger start to subside about what happened, even just a little, I see or read about another attempt by the President’s enablers to explain away or somehow normalize the actions of these traitorous domestic terrorists, and all of my anger comes rushing back. Even worse, now I’m hearing Republican politicians suggest that it’s time to move on in the name of unity.


After you spent the last 2 months complicit and enabling the President in his grand scheme to overturn an election he lost and dividing the country to a breaking point, even going so far as to NOT vote for certification AFTER the siege in the Capitol?

Fuck that.

Move on?

After our Capitol was overrun by terrorists carrying Confederate flags, spewing hate, threatening to kidnap and kill our elected leaders, and assaulting and killing Capitol Hill police officers?

Fuck that too.

I want answers.

I want accountability.

I want contrition.

I want justice.

I want to know not just how something like this could happen, but who was responsible for the massive security failure that occurred last Wednesday. I also want justice, swift and severe enough that it dissuades anyone considering attempting to do anything of this sort to not do so ever again.

I keep seeing people trying to justify the actions of these terrorists by saying something to effect of – well these people feel like their president was cheated out of an election win and therefore their actions, while despicable, are understandable because they feel like they’re defending our democracy and country.


No they’re not.

They’re not defending shit except their president and his lies.

There is nothing understandable or excusable about what they did.

Here’s the thing: Even if these terrorists felt and somehow believed that their unjustifiable actions were justified, simply feeling something is just does not mean it is just nor does it justify their actions. We are, as humans in a sophisticated society, inherently responsible for the choices we make and, should be, willing to accept that there are rewards and consequences of those choices.

Furthermore, these apologists who have been trying to dismiss the culpability of these terrorists by saying – well they didn’t know any better because they’ve been told repeatedly by the President that the election was stolen – only further delegitimize themselves. Even if these seditionists were lied to it does not excuse them of their ignorance, nor diminish how deplorable their actions were even if they truly believed that the election was stolen.

Here’s why: In the 21st century, with the entire world of information at your fingertips, ignorance is not an excuse for misunderstanding or believing untrue things. Instead, ignorance is a conscious choice and the result of failing to make an effort to find out the truth.

Any of those insurrectionists could have easily done some research and found that their basis for rioting, that the election was stolen, was nothing more than a lie fabricated by a delusional president incapable of accepting the reality that he lost, who then weaponized his derangement to foment those forces that carried those terrorists to the Capitol. Yet their incitement, and very presence in DC that day, is a result of their own ignorance and failure to seek out the truth about the election.

Even if justified in their actions, which they were surely not, their ignorant choice to desecrate the very heart of our American democracy in order to overthrow a free and fair election by violent coup absolves them of any innocence and lays bare the lie that their actions were in defense of the Constitution or democracy or America.

Lastly, any Republicans who suggest that it is already time to move on and say that impeachment will only further divide the country clearly fails to understand the gravity of what happened and should be considered among the most craven and unworthy of serving in public office.


A storm of anarchists attacked the citadel of our democracy.

They attempted to overthrow the results of the election.

They threatened to kidnap and kill our elected officials.

They damaged, defaced, and desecrated our Capitol.

They assaulted countless federal law enforcement officials and even took the life of a Capitol Hill police officer.

They did all of this in the name of, and with the implicit, if not explicit, approval of President Trump who incited their most primal of misgivings, electrified their sense of victimhood, and encouraged them to take back their country.

Yet now we’re told it’s time to move on?

Now we’re told it’s time to unite?

Fuck that.

It is the richest form of hypocrisy that so many of those who are now telling us it’s time to move on are the very same people who should ultimately share the burden of responsibility for the attack on the Capitol due to their willingness to support and perpetuate Trump’s lies. They, who now tell us we need unity, did everything they could to divide this country with their craven actions and unyielding commitment to, not the oath they swore to the country they serve, but to the singular man who has done more to damage American democracy as the President of the United States than any foreign state or adversary could ever hope to.

Move on?

Fuck that.

There is no moving on until there is justice, until the President and each and everyone of his enablers are held accountable, and all of those who committed the most vicious action of insurrection this country has seen in over a century are brought to justice.

Then, and only then, will we be ready to move on.

Until then, I’m just pissed.

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